Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Art Friday

A great photo is art in time. Catching that exact point where the light, shadow, and the person or creature all come together for the perfect picture takes talent.

So in celebration of photographers's PHOTO ART FRIDAY!

There are photographs everywhere. We've bombarded with photos all the time. Every internet site uses photos to lure us in, make us read and sometimes to make us buy. Photos adorn our walls. We search for the picture that says something to us, makes us feel. Finding the right photo to fit that wall over the sofa, in the dining room, office, or to match the bathroom decor can be thrilling. It can bring the whole room together. Or you find a picture you love and then use the colors in the picture to decorate the room and everything comes together.

One of my favorite places to scope out photos is Fine Art America. Photo artists from all over post their work there for purchase. It's one of the best online art galleries I've found.

 Photo by Andrew Davis One photo artist I've come across there is Andrew Davis.   A nature/landscape/wildlife photographer, he recently added an album shot in Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey and the photos are beautiful. My favorite from this album is here. Love the depth of field between the stone lion and cherry blossoms in the background. Who knew you'd find something so cool in Newark?
He also has great action shots of the mallards in the lake and close up of flowers. I love the daffodil shots!  Click the link and check out the rest of the photos!

So, who's your favorite photog? What kind of photos hang in your home?

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