Monday, November 11, 2019

Craft Room Re-Do

I moved 900  miles in the last year and my old craft room is still in boxes. :(

Our temporary home is only two bedroom and my hubby thinks we should share that room as an office.  >insert hysterical laughter here<  However can we really share our craft room? I mean, isn't space necessary to spread out all our goodies?

So I waited. Set up my desk in the corner, put up my peg board (A BIG must have for any craft room) and waited.  I wanted to see how much space I'd actually have to give him. I mean, all he does is work on the computer so why does he need a room? Or even part of a room? Isn't the kitchen table good


It's been a few months and he's shown no interest in the room. Mostly it's just a pile of (my) boxes. Maybe that threw him off? If I have all these boxes maybe the kitchen table is looking better?

So, I'm going to attack that room and set up my stuff. I'll need my work bench first. Which he has to put together - I'll work on that - and need to fix the storage. When I moved I gave away my cubes and for the life of me I can't remember what happened to my other storage stuff.  Hey, 900 miles is a long trip. Did I sell this stuff at a garage sale? Give it away? Is it in one of these boxes?
I have work ahead and I'll be posting progress reports as I go.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hooked on Paint & Sip

I have to admit I'm hooked on these paint & sip places. They're much better than sitting in a bar or just going to a movie. I mean, I love movies, but it has to be the right one. There are so many duds among the great ones.

So, these places where they show you how to make a painting while you sip some wine (they have beer, too!) are the perfect mix between a nice night out with friends and trying something new.

I did the lion and had a great time. Now he's hanging in my office. :)
Monet's Waterlilies were next. That's now hanging in my kitchen.

Tomorrow they run a special and now I really want to paint this dandelion!
There's an old saying; Some see a weed, some see a wish. It's about perspective. Like the world show's you things and you can make the best of them. I love that. If I ever get another tattoo it would be a watercolor dandelion with the words "See the Wish" under it.

So, I think this painting is talking to me. Check it out here.
I gotta make some phone calls and see who wants to go!
See the Wish!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Painting at Pinot's Palette in Largo!

Okay, maybe I stepped outside of the box when we painted at Pinot's Palette in Largo, Florida. The original painting was a little more beige and lion like.  I love color! I add it to almost all of my artwork if left to my own devices.

With Roar! That's the name of the lion at Pinot's Palette, I just infused a little more color in the mane and okay, I got carried away.

I named him Rainbow!

Another place I went a little crazy was his eyes. I love animals with those big soulful eyes so I just had to make his pop a bit. First nice big pupils. Then I added a little swash of green to the yellow eyes to make them have a touch of realism. I mean no one's eyes are a solid color. They all have some other bits mixed in. Last, of course, was those little dots of white for light. I used the opposite end of the brush to just make a couple little dots.

All in all with a little wine (Moscato!) and a great instructor we painted this lion in about 2 hours.  One of the best things was that everyone in the class painted their lion just a little different. Same lion with different styles. All beautiful.

Rainbow now hangs in my office and stares at everyone who walks through the door. :)

Anyone else paint at Pinot's Palette? Post your art! I'd love to see it.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Palm Tree Husk Painting

Palm husk base paint.
(ignore the whale, he's not done yet)
Since moving to Florida I've discovered Palm Tree Art. It's the husks that palm trees shed throughout the year that people collect and use to create great works of art. So I just had to try!

I've been scanning the ground around here for pieces of palm trees. This husk I found out by a pond near where I live. It was a pretty solid piece. The edges were a bit fragile so I had to trim a few pieces off but wanted to leave it as natural as possible.

After coating it with a mix of grey, white, and dark blue I let that dry.

Then I started putting in the details. The eyes were the hardest part to get even. The husk has a big ridge down the center (which is why it fit the elephant face so well) and trying to get them even was a challenge.

The same challenge was there in trying to make those lines across the trunk to give that wrinkly elephant skin look. After trying a liner brush with limited results I got out a small fan brush and went back and forth putting in this guy's wrinkles.

To finish, I sprayed it down with a satin finish acrylic sealer. To hang I'm going to glue some self leveling hangers and then run a wire through them. I don't want to put holes into the husk because it will show on the front. 

So here's the elephant! What do you think?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rose Painting?

I went to an in-house paint and sip last night. The teacher brought us roses! Yay!
We had to paint the rose... oh no....
I can't paint roses. They come out a garbled mess of lines that go no where, but I soldiered through.

Now this paint night had no rules. We got the basic architecture of the rose and how to paint and blend. We had our roses and photos (with quotes! I love quotes!) Then off we went to interpret the rose however we wanted.

There were new and experienced painters and lots of laughs. We came to the conclusion that roses are a hard flower to paint! Yet, the spirit of Valentine's Day called and we painted.
I can't show you was bad!

I stared at it all day today do I fix this?

So to google I went! And found this video on painting a rose;
This guy's got talent!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Painting Dragonflies & Sunflowers

It's just a cold, blustery day in the north east and there's no way I wanted to brave the frigid temps, so it was either work on my next book or pull out the paint.

Guess which one won? :)

This canvas had another painting on it that just wasn't working out. So I mixed some green, blue and yellow and blocked out the old stuff.

Then did the center of the flower in shades of brown, yellow and black. The petals were done in two shades of yellow and green. A little of the brown mixture was streaked up through the petals for texture. The dragonfly (first time I ever painted one!) was done in light and medium purple, blue, black, and white.
Sometime ya just gotta have some fun. 
Paint on my friends! 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Faded Garden Table Redo

A while a go I did this table with stain. It was a technique I saw in several sites on the internet and it was surprisingly easy to do.
My fail? I left the tables out year round and in Jersey, winter can do nasty things to art work. Did I not seal them good enough? Was it an especially harsh winter? Probably yes to all of the above. :(

So, I've been wanting to update it and didn't think the stain would work again so I dragged out my acrylic paint and a can of clear sealer and went to work.

First I sanded the top to have a smooth canvas. Then painted the top black so I'd have a good base and maybe the paint would help seal the wood a bit so I could work on it.

Next I filled in the peacock body in with a couple of shades of blue to give it some texture.
The green feather-like area was put in with strokes of green, yellow, and purple. After the wavy lines were in place and still wet, I dipped a paper towel in water and dragged it from center to the outer edges to get a blurry streaked effect.

Next the eyes of the peacock feathers were painted with a blend of orange/yellow, a heart shaped blue, and purple dot.  After that dried, long wavy lines were shadowed in to create that feathery look.

On the blue body, the eye was painted in yellow for the iris and outlined with white. The beak is an off white. The hair like spikes on top of the head were outlined in black and highlighted with a blend of yellow/orange (heavy on the yellow) Dots were placed on top of the spikes in white, purple and yellow. 

For the body lines of purple were placed just to give it a little feathery effect (without actually painting feathers.)

Three coats of sealer were sprayed over the top and sides to (hopefully) give it some protection from the elements.