Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trunk or Treat? Let's Buzz!

Next up for the Trunk or Treat project: GIANT BEES! 
Two Bees
2 yellow plastic table cloths from the dollar store
1 Black plastic table cloth from the dollar store
2 pair of large googly eyes 1/2 price at Walmart
Masking tape and Packing tape
Black and yellow pipe cleaners
Glue gun

First lay out a sheet of paper and then scrunch more newspaper over it. When you have enough for a body wrap the bottom newspaper around the scrunched up stuff and use masking tape to secure. Squish and shape into the body of a bee.
(From the first bee I discovered it's better to wrap the outside of the newspaper body in something with a solid color or the print shows through) Put a layer of paper towel over it to hide the print. Fold the table cloth in half and roll your newspaper bee body up in it. Secure with clear packing tape. For the tail, use the extra table cloth at the end of the body and twist it tight, trim to a point, then wrap in packing tape. cut 2 small strips of duct tape to make the stripe.

To make the black strips on the bee body I used black duct tape.
Construct your head the same way but cut a square of the black table cloth to fit over your bee head. Before taping figure out where the antenna will stick out. Cut small slits. Wrap the head and secure it with tape at the back. Flip over and insert antenna's. A dab of hot glue will hold them in place.
I used Turbo Tacky Glue to glue the eyes in place. A quick slash of yellow paint for a cute little mouth.
I originally tried gluing the head to the body but it wouldn't stick. I don't know why, maybe not enough air to dry the glue? So I used packing tape. :)

The honeycomb is just poster board and little bees as explained in the previous post. Of course I had to add some cute saying found on that Internet. SAVE THE HONEY BEES! BE HAPPY! BEE KIND!

You got  a bee-utiful Bee-mobile!

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