Monday, September 28, 2015

Painting off the Canvas

Daughter's Dresser
Using a canvas is the most conventional way of creating a work of art. But let's step off the canvas for a bit and find other things to splash the paint on. ;)

Furniture is becoming the more popular new canvas for artists. Sure, people have been painting furniture for a while but lately I'm seeing more creative sparks on this style. Bold, bright colors, unique designs have brought furniture art into the spotlight.
Funky Dresser from Home Decorating Secrets

Check out Pinterest for some great pieces.  Some fit into the more conventional home, others make a louder statement.

Home Decorating Secrets had this funky piece of furniture on their blog.

If furniture isn't your thing or you're just not ready to tackle a big project find some rocks and try out Lin Welford's rock painting techniques. 

Then there's walls (my favorite place to paint!)

Let's paint!
Share your links and tell us what you're painting!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Inexpensive Art Studio Storage ~ Pegboard

My art studio was a mess. Like every artist, I was constantly accumulating paints, brushes, and anything I could paint. (Furniture, little boxes, rocks...)

While cruising Pinterest, I came across the a pegboard with a DIY frame. It gave the board a finished look so I just had to make one!

Off to Lowe's to buy a pegboard and some molding I could use as a frame.

For the board, I thought about using a lot of colors, but worried it might look messy once the tools were hung on it. Instead, I put a coat of white paint over the board for a clean look. I used one coat of basic white and applied it with a roller. I had paint brush nearby in case the little holes clogged but it really wasn't a problem.

Since I've never used a power tool in my life, my husband cut the molding to make the frame. A bright blue (Exotic Blue) spray paint for the frame took about 3 coats to cover. There was also some touch up to get the paint to look smooth and even.

Let it dry overnight and then used wood glue to get the frame to fit and then nailed it together.

Instead of attaching it to the wall my inventive husband used aluminum T-stock to attach the pegboard to my workbench.  

                       Another quick trip to Lowe's for a pack of pegboard hangers                             and here's what I got. Organized and ready to paint! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Should You Plan Your Canvas?

Ignoring the basics was my biggest mistake when I started a big canvas. I wanted to put a lighthouse, cliff, rocks, and a beach. What I should have done was sketch it onto the canvas. What I did was just start slapping on the paint.

The result was an uneven horizon line, an out of perspective lighthouse and waves that didn't make sense. The sky has a bit of a transition problem, too. All on a large 3' x 4' canvas.

However, it needs fixing. A wise artist friend once told me just watching the work will go a long way in getting the brain to click and the answers to come.

So I'm staring...waiting...and knowing it will click sooner or later. I really don't want to give up.

Planning, it's all in the planning...

Next time I'll do the sketch first and maybe the outcome will be better. 

 How do you plan your canvas? Sketch it out or just slap on the paint?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bookcase Makeover

 I have this old bookcase, once painted white to match my daughter's room. She's grown up and moved out and I had to do something with this well worn, yet sturdy piece.

First, I pried off the back and sanded down many layers of paint. Then, two coats of semi-gloss paint in a bright color on the frame (in my favorite color.)

While that was drying I got out some craft paper and Mod Podge. I've never used this stuff before so it was a challenge. I laid out my paper and trimmed the edges to fit. I spread some Mod Podge with a fine paint brush and carefully laid the paper down and pressed out the air bubbles. Once it was in place and looked good, I moved on to the next sheet.

After all the paper was Mod Podged down, I put two coats of Mod Podge over the whole thing.

Confession; After getting them all down with the Mod Podge the first time, there was a major air bubble on the middle of one sheet. I made the big mistake of trying to smudge it out when it wasn't quite dry yet and ripped the paper. ArrGGGhhh! I had to peal that piece off as best as I could, sand a bit, wipe it down and then put on another sheet of craft paper. Good thing I bought extra!

Once finished I let it dry over night. If this had been a table or something that would have gotten a lot of hands on wear and tear, I would have let it dry for 4 days and then put on a more protective finish.  Back of a bookcase? I nailed it back together the next day. And here you have it!

 If I had it to do over again I might have YouTubed how to do Mod Podge and maybe avoided my air-bubble mistake.

I'm using this for a storage shelf in my art room and I'm pretty happy how it came out.

Now I've got my eye on that worn little end table in the living room....

Happy painting!

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