Friday, September 18, 2015

Inexpensive Art Studio Storage ~ Pegboard

My art studio was a mess. Like every artist, I was constantly accumulating paints, brushes, and anything I could paint. (Furniture, little boxes, rocks...)

While cruising Pinterest, I came across the a pegboard with a DIY frame. It gave the board a finished look so I just had to make one!

Off to Lowe's to buy a pegboard and some molding I could use as a frame.

For the board, I thought about using a lot of colors, but worried it might look messy once the tools were hung on it. Instead, I put a coat of white paint over the board for a clean look. I used one coat of basic white and applied it with a roller. I had paint brush nearby in case the little holes clogged but it really wasn't a problem.

Since I've never used a power tool in my life, my husband cut the molding to make the frame. A bright blue (Exotic Blue) spray paint for the frame took about 3 coats to cover. There was also some touch up to get the paint to look smooth and even.

Let it dry overnight and then used wood glue to get the frame to fit and then nailed it together.

Instead of attaching it to the wall my inventive husband used aluminum T-stock to attach the pegboard to my workbench.  

                       Another quick trip to Lowe's for a pack of pegboard hangers                             and here's what I got. Organized and ready to paint! 

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