Monday, September 28, 2015

Painting off the Canvas

Daughter's Dresser
Using a canvas is the most conventional way of creating a work of art. But let's step off the canvas for a bit and find other things to splash the paint on. ;)

Furniture is becoming the more popular new canvas for artists. Sure, people have been painting furniture for a while but lately I'm seeing more creative sparks on this style. Bold, bright colors, unique designs have brought furniture art into the spotlight.
Funky Dresser from Home Decorating Secrets

Check out Pinterest for some great pieces.  Some fit into the more conventional home, others make a louder statement.

Home Decorating Secrets had this funky piece of furniture on their blog.

If furniture isn't your thing or you're just not ready to tackle a big project find some rocks and try out Lin Welford's rock painting techniques. 

Then there's walls (my favorite place to paint!)

Let's paint!
Share your links and tell us what you're painting!

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