Thursday, October 1, 2015

Other Art & Artist Blogs

I was surfing for some blogs about Art and it was harder than I thought it would be. I don't know if this was because there just isn't a lot of them, (that's impossible!) or if the key words just weren't there.  A lot hadn't been updated in years. :(
I wasn't looking for NYC top artists, I want to meet the everyday artist. Average folks who reach beyond everyday life to create amazing art.

After surfing around for a while here's a few good ones. Check them out!

Artists Helping Artists; is out of Australia, (gotta love that country!) and it has tons of stuff to help you become a more successful artist. I've only just touched the surface of their content but it's definitely top of my fav blog list.

Lisa Congdon's Today is going to be Awesome blog. Has some pretty impressive content covering sketching and knitting.

Gapingvoid Blog is interesting and I need more time to scope out all the articles. Most were short but entertaining.

The Empty Easel has some good articles to encourage artists to blog. Not sure it can be considered a blog.

I was over on HomeTalk (has lots of painted furniture) and found Tidbits and Wine. More of a design site, but I loved this article on color. 

Got an art blog? Post it in comments and I'll add it to Crazy Painter Art's blog roll!

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