Saturday, October 10, 2015

DIY Halloween Art Projects

 Simple golf balls make cute jack-o-lanterns when spray painted orange. Paint on faces with black craft paint. Green leaves on top finish the look. To hang these cute little golf balls we drilled a small hole in the top and screwed in a round hook.
 Another option is to paint eyeballs on the golf balls and suspend them from fishing wire. Nothing more freaky than floating eyeballs! 

Don't forget the PUMPKINS!

I was never a good carver of pumpkins so I use paint to bring out their personalities. When one of my daughter's friends was throwing a Halloween party she asked for a character from Harry Potter.
Say hello to Darby, the house elf! 
What's Halloween without a black cat? This little charmer peeks out from inside a pumpkin to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

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