Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Buzzing About Trunk or Treat!

 Confession; I drive a bright yellow car. :)
So, when my job invited each department to participate in a community Trunk or Treat I figured I'd go with the theme of my car.
Bee Happy!
So, here's the start of what's going to be my Trunk or Treat car.
First some pom poms and Turbo Tacky Glue (Love this stuff!) I glued them together and set them aside to let them dry.
 Next I cut up an egg carton and painted them yellow with black stripes to look like bees. (Found this one on Pinterest. Love that site!)
After they dried,  I took two pipe cleaners and twisted them together to make legs. Then came the hot glue gun. My gun is really old and I burnt the heck out of my hand. I think it's time to get a new glue gun!
 I glued on the legs and eyes. Using an exacto knife I made holes in the head part and threaded a half a pipe cleaner through to make antennas.
So, this is where I am so far with my Trunk or Treat car. Next giant bees and a poster of a honey comb.  The giant bees should be should be ready to go by tomorrow. Right now they're lying in pieces on my kitchen table. Although my wing plan for them didn't work, I'll probably make some from poster board. It will be fine as long as it doesn't rain....

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