Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Project Check In

Hello Fall! Beautiful season of orange and yellow! My two favorite colors!
Now what can we make for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving?

I was in Lowes and saw this great topiary of 3 pumpkins stacked up in a plastic vase. It had some fall foliage and I thought that would look great by my front door. Then I looked at the PRICE!
Oh! Big Ouchie!
Sorry, no way was I going to pay that much for something I could do cheaper. Also, in making it myself, I could put my own signature on it.

The pumpkins aren't available in any of the dollar stores around here but Michael's has them for 50% off. Still kind of too much. If I'm going to make these, I want a good deal. If the prices aren't more reasonable by next week, I'm going to have to figure out another pumpkin idea.

Moving onto Halloween...MY FAVORITE!

I have two plans for outside;
      Underground trap;
           This will entail a pallet, some lights, and some plastic bones.

      Spiderweb of Death:
            Make giant spider web either from trashbags or see what the dollar store has in stock.
              Fake spider web (from the dollar store)
             Cheese cloth
October is this's time to get your goul on! Check back soon for an update!

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