Thursday, April 9, 2015

Painted Chair

Found this chair in the supply shed at Artfully Repurposed, an artist shop in Middletown, NJ. Artist join and are welcome to sell their own art or take one of the items there and recreate it to sell in their shop. (More about this place in a future post!)

The chair a plain, wooden (brown) chair. Light scratches that could easily be sanded out, but structurally sound. If you lifted the seat it would fold up. Nice feature! I knew this would be an easy fix up so I took it home.

First out came the sanding block and I gave every inch a light sanding. A damp wash cloth was used to wipe it down. (Wiping down after sanding is an important step or the paint will look fuzzy.)

Next step? Black gloss spray paint! Work slowly and give the chair two or three light coats until every space is black. Let dry overnight.

Now for the flowers. I worked simply and used white paint to block out where I wanted the flowers and leaves. Let dry. Then I painted the flowers and leaves on. Let dry overnight. Spray with a high gloss acrylic sealer.
Simple! Done!

I put this chair up for sale at Artfully Repurposed, but kind of wish I kept it. I loved the bright flowers on the black background. now I'm on the lookout for another chair I can do this too again.

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