Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hand Painted Family Tree

 My daughter asked me to paint a family tree on a her future mom-in-law's wall. She had just moved in and had seen the family tree idea on the internet. I'd done murals in my own home and painted scenes on my big bay window during the holidays or Superbowl so I figured I'd give the tree a try.

As soon as I walked in I wanted this wall. It was the first thing I saw walking in and thought it might be give some dramatic flare to the entrance. It's a hall going from the kitchen to the living room but visible from the front door and to me it looked like a perfect canvas. Lucky for me the owner agreed.

This is plain black paint. Branches and trunk went up first. Then leaves everywhere! Both were painted with a flat brush. To give the tree a more finished look I finished off this family tree by painting some thin wispy branches throughout. (Liner brush) I think they gave the tree a finished look.

 Time from start to finish was four hours. A good meal was the perfect payment. Yum! And she bought my favorite gluten free cookies!
 Finished tree ..................................... ~~~~~~>
Laying out the frames! 

At Halloween the tree got a little batty!
(removable vinyl stickers)

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