Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crayon Artist ---It's a Grown-up Thing

I don't remember where I found this artist, but just wander through his online gallery and you'll be amazed.

Don Marco uses crayons to create great works of art. Just plain old crayons like the ones the kids used to leave all over the floor.

This one is my attempt at Crayon art. It's not finished and wasn't well planned. I just saw Don Marco's art and had to grab the crayons. It was a learning experience. Crayons are not just for coloring books and if you work them like pastels, you know, pressing, smoothing, blending, you can get a rich coloring that almost looks like a cross between paint and pastel.

Another search of the web and I discovered beautiful protraits by crayon artist, Jeffrey Robert or some pop art by Kristina Nelson. Their work is amazing!

I used plain construction paper and Crayola crayons.

So? Grab some crayons and paper and give it a try!