Thursday, April 9, 2015

Painted Tables for the Patio

When my daughter bought her own house we got her a few housewarming presents, but I also wanted to get her tables for her screened in patio. I went shopping everywhere but all I could find were super expensive tables that really didn't look like they were worth what was being charged. I don't mind spending a buck when the item is worth the price, but none of the tables we found added up to what I was looking for
So the wheels in my brain started turning...we could make the tables! Hello Home Depot!

I purchased two plastic flower pots, two round pre-cut wood tops and a can of blue spray paint. A quick visit to Michaels (My fav store!) to pick up some craft paint for the flowers (red, yellow, and white) and a can of gloss acrylic sealer.

Placing the wood disks right side down on the floor, I lined up the pots in the center, and screwed the pots to the tops. Use a short screw. Just long enough to secure the top without going through it.

Once it was all together I gave it a quick, light sand and wiped it down with a damp cloth. After giving it an hour to dry, I spray painted everything blue. It took two coats to cover. Then let dry over night.

I used chalk to trace out the flowers and just started painting. Blending the dark red with white to get some texture, I used a one inch flat brush for the whole thing.

Dry 24 hours (some people think acrylic should dry longer but I never had a problem waiting just one day) and then spray with acrylic sealer. I sprayed three times letting each coat dry for a few hours in between. Take extra care to coat the top because it will get the most wear and tear.

Now there's a cute set of Hibiscus tables on the patio for a fraction of the cost and I had some fun painting!

Confession; Hibiscus have five petals....oops! It's okay, the cat likes it.

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