Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jazz to Giraffe & Saying Goodbye

 When leaving a job I loved I wanted to give my boss something special. Her husband loved Jazz and she loved Giraffes. And they had a nice front porch. I found a couple of unfinished Adirondack chairs and got to work.

First I painted the chairs an off white to give me a plain "canvas" to work on. A quick chalk sketch and I filled the picture in with acrylic craft paint.  Behind the Jazz man I used greens and yellows to set off the blues in the sax and jacket. On the giraffe I used blue for the sky.

Once everything was painted I used polyurethane to give it a good protective coat. Three layers, sanding between coats.  For the record? It was smelly and hard to get smooth. I now use Polycrylic on projects. It doesn't smell as bad and goes on smoother.

Looking at these photos now I can see problems with Jazz man. The perspective in his face is off and I don't like the angle of the sax. Why do I always see these things after the fact???

My boss was happy with the gift and that's all that really counts, right?

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