Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pebble Art Flowers

Well, I finally finished!

It really wasn't that hard a craft, but that thing called life got to me and this project got pushed to the back burner.

So, here's my first attempt at pebble art. It was a fun way to use all those pretty rocks I collected that I didn't want to paint.

After staining the wood, I used Tacky glue to put the little stones in place. One on of my trips to Michaels I found a Turbo Tacky glue that's supposed to be stronger, so I used that on half this project.

I picked up wood chips from the back yard. We have a wood stove and my husband is always out there chopping wood. I collect the most interesting looking chips for my art projects.

I used a chip of wood on the bottom to give the flower a base on which to "grow."

The next step was to use Ashland Naturally Coiled Wire I found at Michaels in their floral department. I thought it looked woodsy and would make a great stem. It was a little hard to get the wire to lay flat so next time I might look for something without wire.

Now this Pebble Art hangs on my wall with the hope the little rocks don't fall off.

One thing I wish I did first? Put the little saw-tooth picture hanger on the back of the wood base first. Hammering that on while the rocks were already in place was hard. I had to prop it up on rolled towels in hopes that the rocks wouldn't dislodge while I hammered that picture hanger on the back.

Sneak peek on the next Pebble Art project? Scroll down...





What's on your art/craft table???

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