Monday, June 27, 2016

Michaels had CRATES on Sale!

 I went into Michaels for some paint on the fish rocks I'm painting and found CRATES ON SALE!

I'd seen these used on Pinterest for shelving so I thought the sale was the universe was giving me a sign.

I bought 4 crates, but then had to decide on stain or paint...hmmmm.

After taking them home and giving them a good sanding  the wood was still kind of rough so I opted for paint over stain. I thought spray paint might help contain any splinters. These were going in my Art studio so I went with some happy colors.

I spray painted them 4 different colors. Each took almost a can to get good coverage, about two-three coats. The green needed the most.

Then I stacked and re-stacked them until I decided which color should go where. (Hadn't really thought of that when I picked the colors)

My hubby used his electric drill and screwed the crates together.

Done! This little shelf unit was less than $50.
I had most of the paint and the crates were $9.99.  

Time spent? One weekend; painted one day, put together the next. 

Happy crafting!

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