Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rock Art? Pebble Art?

I've painted rocks, turned them into little animals and actually made some money doing it. I've sold them in stores and at craft shows. It was fun but rocks are heavy! When lugging boxes of painted rocks into a show my husband would often comment, "Why can't you paint feathers?"

And I did. I made some money painting feathers, too. :)

When painting rocks I'd often find rocks I thought were just too pretty to cover in paint. They had interesting lines and colors and I just couldn't put a brush to them. So they were tucked away under my workbench or left on shelves to admire and I always wished I could make them into art while respecting their beauty.

Then I found Bufalini Pebble Art on Pinterest.  He took rocks, painted some and left others au-natural, and made great art!

On Etsy I found art like The Crawford Bunch. and Made by Nature . A little different mixed media, but equally as awesome.

So, I really gotta give this a try.
Off to Michaels i go to find some interesting pebbles i could mix with my existing collection of rocks. I have to figure out what type of glue would be best. Internet sites are giving me a wide range of "what's best" to use on rocks.
I experimented with Tacky glue. Seems to be holding so far and dried clear.
Today I head to Lowes to find some wood. I'm also thinking of seeing if I can grab an old pallet somewhere. Weathered wood would be great for this project.

So far, here's what I did with stuff I had laying around. Finished artwork coming soon!
Rock On my fellow Crafty Artists! 

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  1. I love the talent of painted rocks - something I will have to try in my future. Thanks for sharing your post with Creatively Crafty Link Party.