Friday, May 8, 2015

Photography Friday!

Found this photographer on Fine Art America. It's one of my favorite sites to find paintings and photos. If you're any type of artist and looking for a venue to sell your art, check it out here
Today's awesome photographer is Pierre Leclerc from Quebec, Canada. I love the landscapes and his use of light. This is a screen shot of the art he has up on Fine Art America. Visit this site and you can find some great shots of the redwoods in Sequoia National Park . The angles he uses for these trees gives a unique perspective of these giants. The sunsets he photographs bring out the vivid colors of nature and so make me wish I was there. Isn't that the best part of art? It pulls you in and makes you want to be  part of the scene? 

This screen shot is just a sample of Pierre Lecleric's photography, but check him out and see a great use of light and perspective.  

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