Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rose Painting?

I went to an in-house paint and sip last night. The teacher brought us roses! Yay!
We had to paint the rose... oh no....
I can't paint roses. They come out a garbled mess of lines that go no where, but I soldiered through.

Now this paint night had no rules. We got the basic architecture of the rose and how to paint and blend. We had our roses and photos (with quotes! I love quotes!) Then off we went to interpret the rose however we wanted.

There were new and experienced painters and lots of laughs. We came to the conclusion that roses are a hard flower to paint! Yet, the spirit of Valentine's Day called and we painted.
I can't show you was bad!

I stared at it all day today do I fix this?

So to google I went! And found this video on painting a rose;
This guy's got talent!

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