Monday, February 5, 2018

Painting Dragonflies & Sunflowers

It's just a cold, blustery day in the north east and there's no way I wanted to brave the frigid temps, so it was either work on my next book or pull out the paint.

Guess which one won? :)

This canvas had another painting on it that just wasn't working out. So I mixed some green, blue and yellow and blocked out the old stuff.

Then did the center of the flower in shades of brown, yellow and black. The petals were done in two shades of yellow and green. A little of the brown mixture was streaked up through the petals for texture. The dragonfly (first time I ever painted one!) was done in light and medium purple, blue, black, and white.
Sometime ya just gotta have some fun. 
Paint on my friends! 

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