Sunday, November 8, 2015

Easy DIY Crafting for Mirrors

When we were talking about selling our house I'd read that mirrors can help make the rooms look bigger. I wasn't about to invest in a lot of expensive mirrors just to either have to  move them or resell them, so I went garage sale-ing!

I got a couple of long ones and two portrait sized mirrors. None were in great shape, but I always believe a little elbow grease and paint can fix anything. So we scooped them up, threw them in the back of the pick up and away we went.

Mirror 1

I did two of the longer ones first and had a heck of a time with the paint. Even though I sanded them good, these puppies must have had a gallon of polish or something on them. The paint was rising in oily pools. They took coat after coat to get a decent look. (Note to self; scrub with Dawn dish detergent next time)

Since the room we would place these mirrors in was white, I painted them a deep peaceful blue. Please forgive the background. It's not hung yet, just leaning on the dresser in my office.

Mirror 2 

My next mirror was interesting but I thought, a little dated. The stained glass on top was really just painted on. It had a bumpy texture but since it was over mirror I wasn't sure I could sand it off. So I flipped it over and painted the reverse side white. My plan at that point was to put vinyl letters on it and then paint it black, and peel the vinyl off to see the white word.

But did I want another mirror at this point? I wasn't even sure why I got this one or where I'd put it. So I popped out the mirror and used chalkboard spray paint on it. :)
The frame got a bright blue/teal-ish coat of spray paint. (Valspar brand spray paint =Exotic blue) I decided I liked the white with blue letters on top as a contrast to the blackboard so I kept it. What do you think?

Now this hangs over my desk for inspiration and note taking!

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